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Determining Expenditure Type

Determining which expenditure type to use

Equipment expenditure type matrix

Who has title to equipment?
The following resources can provide information on who retains title to equipment purchased under specific awards:

  • Oracle
    Enter award number
    - Click Find PTA Short Info
    - Click on the award number
    - Scroll down to Equipment Title Information

  • Award document/Resume

  • Office of Sponsored Research

JPL funded equipment

  • JPL requires that all equipment with an acquisition cost of $1,000 be controlled (i.e. tagged and tracked) - use the "equipment govt" expenditure type

  • If any JPL funds are being used to purchase items (even if JPL is not the major source of funding) then the item will be government owned and the JPL threshold will apply

  • Additionally, 'sensitive' items between $100 - $999 purchased with JPL funds must be tagged and tracked - use "equipment govt" expenditure type
    (click here for a printable copy of the JPL sensitive equipment listing)

  • JPL funded equipment and sensitive assets are subject to an annual inventory (Caltech performs a biennial inventory)

Equipment expenditure types
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