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Electronic Payments

Electronic payments include wire transfers and ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments. Caltech does not currently accept credit card payments for vendor invoices.

If you would like to send an electronic payment, please see the Purchasing and Payment Services website for additional information.

Receiving Electronic Payments

Treasury Services handles all wire and ACH transactions received into a Caltech account.

Please contact Treasury Services for a copy of Caltech's wire instructions. These instructions include Caltech's wire information and notification procedures.

Due to the sensitive nature of Caltech's bank information, please be careful in its distribution.

If you are expecting an electronic payment, please email Treasury Services with the payer information, expected payment amount, PTA to credit, receipt type (revenue, reimbursement, etc.) and short explanation of what the payment is for. This will facilitate proper identification and timely credit of your payment.

Fees: The institute does not charge for receipt of electronic transfers, and Bank of America will not deduct any fee from the transfer amount.

However, this does not preclude the sending or intermediary bank from charging and removing a fee.

Many times, especially with international wire transfers, the sending bank deducts a $10 - $25 fee from the original transfer amount. If the international bank must use an intermediary bank for the transfer, the intermediary bank may deduct a fee as well.

Treasury Services will only credit the actual amount received into Caltech's account to a PTA.

If you have questions about electronic payments, please contact Treasury Services.

David Vera, Treasury Manager
(626) 395-6723